I am pleased to welcome staff and students to our department for the 2017/18 session. Everyone in the department occupies a pioneer status as the department is barely 2 years old and everyone associated with it in terms of duty post or learning centre is fresh. This unique status also carries with it some challenges, primary of which is the lack of predecessors or records of reference that invariably thrust our performances as key reference sources in the future. And, in keeping with the overall aim of the department to be a global centre of excellence in accounting education and research, expectations on all the pioneers are indeed very high. Accordingly, the exigencies imposed by the need for proper planning and efficient administration had necessitated commencement with M.Sc. programme, the graduates of which would eventually constitute the fulcrum of the department’s doctoral degree programme. We hope to commence undergraduate admissions in the 2020/21 session.


For the pioneer M.Sc. students, an orientation programme is on card and should attend to much of your queries and issues of concern about the programme.


Once again, I welcome you most heartily to our department.


Thank you.

Professor Oluremi Davies Ogun
Head of Department