Student"s Association

Students in this Department can, and are encouraged to, become members of three student-run societies.  Each of these societies is identified and its objectives and activities briefly described below:


Nigerian Economics Students Association

The membership of this Association is open to all undergraduates majoring in Economics.  Its objectives are to provide a forum for dissemination of economic thought and to encourage its members to engage in academic and objective analysis of Nigeria’s economic problems.


In pursuance of these objectives, the Association periodically organizes lectures, symposia, seminars, etc., and publishes magazines (“Newsletter Economics or the University Ikonomist”).


International Association of Students in Economics & Management (AISEC)

As the name indicates, this is an international students’ organization which has a chapter in Ibadan.  Its objectives are to link management with the academic and student communities, and to provide practical experiences in organizing lectures, seminars, training workshops, conferences and international exchange programmes for its members.


Nigerian Economic Society (Students Membership)

Nigerian scholars in Economics and allied Social Studies formed the Nigerian Economic Society (NES) in 1957 as a non-profit, professional organization. The objective of the Society is primarily to encourage the study and discussion, by members and the interested public in Nigeria and abroad, or economic and social problems facing Nigeria. The society has over the years contributed to the economic and social policy formulation in the country through open and confidential memoranda to the government. Undergraduate in Economics Departments are students associate members of NES.